Upcoming Events!

Ceramic BFA Show 
Opening Reception- May 7th, 2011 7-9pm

Silpe Gallery- Hartford Art School 
Galley Hours:
Monday-Friday 9am- 4pm 
Saturday-Sunday- 11am-5pm 

Sunday May 15th, 2011 10am
Hartford Art School Courtyard

Artist Statement

I love the rebellious nature of tattoos. While they are becoming more mainstream, they still hold a taboo feeling for me. A body covered in skulls and flaming hearts is viewed very differently than a body that is simply smooth unadorned skin. I revel in the scandalous, sensuous and voluptuous and the style and content of imagery I chose reflects this. I am interested in tattoos that feel “badass”, the tattoos that make a person a little bit scarier than they would be without them.

I choose to work with a porcelain clay body in large part because I love the way it feels as I throw with it. I also value the smooth surface I am able to achieve by trimming carefully and ribbing vigorously before I begin my surface work. I primarily use carving to put images on my work but I do include decals, especially for very detailed images or very fine line work. I high fire with a clear glaze over colored slip inlay, and fire a second time with low fire transparent colors to fill in the line work.

I think tattoos are beautiful but being a very indecisive person, I choose to explore the imagery on my work instead of permanently on my body. I hope one day to be decisive enough to be as covered in ink as my pots are.